Bachelor of Liberal Arts

Bachelor of Liberal Arts

Bachelor’s degree in liberal arts will allow you to advance your management, humanitarian, leadership and creative skills  and would make you a suitable job candidate in multiple fields.

Eligibility Criteria

3 S passes in A/L


I year in Sri Lanka, 2 years in Australia.


Full time

Why Degree in Liberal arts in Sydney?

Campion college is located in Sydney providing the students ample opportunities to find accommodation, part time jobs and full-time jobs. This vibrant city is the ideal destination for students to enjoy the Australian hospitality and culture.

While the location has a definite advantage the liberal art degree also has its benefits. Once you qualified with liberal arts degree you would be able to work in NGOs’ , Social care sector, Creative writing sector, Human resource sector, Journalism sector, Legal sector , marketing sector , Secondary school teaching, public relation sector, event planning sector and social media sector.

  • Liberal arts graduate
    • Human resources specialist
    • Technical writer
    • Social media manager
    • Substance abuse counsellor
    • Graphic designer
    • High school teacher
    • Public relations specialist
    • Event planner