COVID 19 Measures and Updates

Ensuring Safety

BCI considers the health and safety of its students, staff and visitors with utmost importance and has implemented several measures to safeguard its community against the COVID-19 pandemic. All personnel entering the BCI premises undergo a temperature check at the entrance to the BCI grounds by trained security personnel. Facilities for state regulated and WHO recommended hygiene and sanitization practices such as hand washing, and alcohol-based sanitization have been in place since the very first outbreak. The community is constantly reminded and encouraged to adhere to WHO recommended regulations including conscious social distancing and the regular use of facemasks. All surfaces at BCI are sanitized on a regular basis with equipment such as foot operated washbasins and dustbins in place. The classrooms and office spaces are suitably ventilated with an abundance of fresh air that sweeps across the buildings through large widows and doorways.

A Seamless Educational Experience Despite Challenging Times

The academic operations of BCI was migrated to virtual platforms during the first half of the pandemic ensuring a seamless teaching learning process. Online classes were hosted using tools such as Cisco WebEx Meeting Service and Microsoft Teams enabling our students to embrace the convenience of effective online learning. The members of the academic staff along with our dedicated faculty worked tirelessly towards making this transition a success and continue to do so with a host of new programmes being introduced online. BCI also takes pride in continuously guiding its students and supporting them through these challenging times.