Department of English

Department of English at BCI is the largest and most prominent seat of learning for English in the private sector higher education arena outside Colombo. Its prominence is marked by the annual student output and the unparalleled higher standard of the quality of studies it offers.

Ranging from profoundly academic to highly communication- oriented, the course lineup of the department consists of a wide array of Diploma and Certificate courses.

Epitomizing one of its mottos, ”more than just education” Department of English at BCI incorporates into its annual calendar many extracurricular activities such as annual English Day competitions, and BCI Sports Day where our students are given ample opportunities to sharpen and showcase their skills.

Aquinas Diploma in English

This prestigious English Language Programme conducted by Aquinas college of higher studies is much in demand in Sri Lanka. The Department of Examinations in Sri Lanka recognizes it as one of the qualifying requirements to sit for some of its higher and professional examinations. More than 7,000 students enroll annually to obtain the Diploma certificate yearly to progress in their studies or career.This educational course is now conducted in Negombo, at BCI, which is situated in surroundings helpful to learning.

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BCI Certificate in English

This course is designed to provide proficiency in main skills with a special emphasis on Spoken English. BCI certificate in English will be awarded after successful completion of the course.

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Spoken English

A four month weekend course for students who wish to gain competency in the spoken skill of English. A BCI certificate will be awarded after the successful completion of the course.

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English for Beginners

3 month language course for beginner adults focused to equip the learners with basic skills of handling daily affairs in English at an elementary level. A BCI certificate will be awarded after the successful completion of the course.

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Professional English

A three month weekend course for adults and professionals with a strong focus on conversational and correspondence skills at places of work. A BCI certificate in Professional English will be awarded after the completion of the course.

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Cambridge English

Cambridge English is one of the best English language programmes to attain proficiency beginning from the basics. Preparing for a Cambridge English exam you will develop all four language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Cambridge English certificates are accepted by more than 20,000 organizations worldwide.

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Four skills course for those who wish to achieve required levels of proficiency at IELTS examination.

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A six month teacher training course for teachers and trainee teachers of English leading to Cambridge ESOL Teaching Knowledge Test. This course is also open for adults who wish to take up teaching English as a career.

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