Youth will define, design and deliver the future.

Our focus is on empowering the young men and women with education, morals, wisdom, and discipline that is integral for their growth.

Undergraduate Programmes

The undergraduate programmes at BCI have been developed to mold future ready graduates who can use their knowledge and contribute academically, professionally, responsibly and ethically, towards a greater cause.

Our learned faculty carries years of industry expertise, and maintains a close relationship with each of their student cohorts, guiding them in research, study , professional development and personal growth. Our lecture halls, auditoriums and laboratories are designed to provide the most conducive environment for university studies.

BCI- Bachelor of Science In Information Technology Hons. (BSc IT)
Degree Programmes

Bachelor of Science In Information Technology Hons. (BSc IT)

BSc in Information Technology provides its students with a thorough understanding of the technology and the operational workings of IT on which the current world and its industries and enterprises depend on.

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BCI - Bachelor of Business Management Hons. (BBM)
Degree Programmes

Bachelor of Business Management Hons. (BBM)

The Bachelor of Business Management programme aims at developing the business knowledge and related skills in undergraduates, essential for the modern day corporate world.

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