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Currently, BCI operates three departments namely Department of English, Department of ICT and Department of Professional Studies which offer a variety of study programmes in their respective domains to cater to the educational needs of the prospective students.

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Why Choose Us

Our Courses

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About BCI

Another Catholic Initiative ensuring excellence in Education. Administered by Catholic Priests, BCI is well equipped and staffed by well-qualified, committed teachers.

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BCI is one of the best places to do our Higher Studies

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We offer quality, cutting-edge programmes of study, assisting students to select the right career paths which fulfill their future aspirations and enable them to contribute to their communities in the best way possible

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BCI English Apply Now

A language course based on British text books emphasizing proficiency in modern international English in all skill areas.

Diploma in ICT Apply Now

This programme empowers students with fundamental theoretical knowledge and practical exposure to success in their academic and career endeavours.

Spoken English Apply Now

A unique activity based course in Spoken English based on a functional syllabus specially designed for Sri Lankan Learners.

Aquinas Diploma Apply Now

Prestigious Aquinas Diploma in English course covering all four language skills plus a special component on English Literature.

Exam Results

Find results of all exams held at BCI here. Exams can be searched using your National Identity card number.