A fully fledged modern university rooted in tradition yet focused on innovation, BCI offers undergraduate pathways and several academic programmes in multiple disciplines. While equipping students with the knowledge and the competences to excel in a chosen field, we at BCI consider, providing them with the necessary guidance, skillset, confidence and mentoring them to assert their dignity and integrity as true human beings, with uppermost importance.
Nestled within serene surroundings and the lush greenery of the campus , we take pride in the quality of our offerings, the conducive environment, our erudite faculty and the values we inculcate in our students.



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Aspire to Inspire

We Aspire to Inspire the leaders who will be pioneering the shaping of our nation’s future, through an enriched educational experience.We aspire to Inspire Individuals who will continue to inspire numerous others along the way and carry into the future the legacy of our education: a nation defined by education, progressed in knowledge and renowned for its humanity.

We Aspire to Inspire higher education to be more than what we have known it for, for a university to be more than just a place but an experience of a lifetime , realization of a dream and the shaping of a nation’s tomorrow.

We Aspire to Inspire all of this and more