At BCI we create diverse paths that reach ONE destination – your future success

Why choose us?

BCI Campus, is an emergent, unsurpassed university, focused on innovation yet rooted in tradition. As a Degree Awarding Institute recognized by the Ministry of Education (Extraordinary Gazette No. 2201/4 of November 9, 2020), BCI offers undergraduate pathways and several academic programmes in multiple disciplines.


Most conducive environ for a holistic education  

Equipped with modern amenities, BCI offers a comprehensive education to those who bear multidimensional aspirations. Built to cater to intellectual, career and social triggers of students, BCI offers access to state-of-the-art classrooms, the library, sophisticated computer centres, auditorium and cafeteria all in the same campus premises. Students can catch up with the reading list, meet and relax or grab a bite before the lectures in the safe and calm surroundings of the campus.


Qualified lecturers!

We Aspire to Inspire those who have chosen to be the backbone of the community by educating the youth. Our lecturers are professionally qualified and trained not only to deliver subject knowledge but also to shape the personalities of our students and form the foundation of their future. Providing an enriched educational experience, we aspire to give birth to individuals who will inspire others in numerous ways.


Inspiring the parents! 

We Aspire to Inspire the dreams of parents striving to present their children with the best opportunities to realize their potential. We aspire to empower parents to encourage their children in pursuing their educational goals while engaging in their children’s educational pursuit.


Unity in diversity!

We Aspire to Inspire diverse groups of youth who are welcomed at BCI, not just to achieve their academic goals as individuals but also to inspire the whole world and humanity through their aspirations.


Green Logic!

The gorgeous natural setting where BCI is located in makes it the ideal place for prospective students to build their future. The perfectly manicured lawns with the twin lakes create the exact ambience for students to acquire knowledge in harmony with nature. The lush gardens together with architectural excellence provide a wonderful place where diverse groups of students can mingle to form a community in unity. BCI continues to inspire the many who aim to be an inspiration in their communities.


To be a prestigious seat of learning in the region that brings out the best version of the learner who will make a difference in the community.


To nurture human capabilities and values in a collaborative environment through a holistic education process.

Our Core Values


Demonstrating dedication in executing assigned tasks
Being down to earth in dealing with others
Showing originality in thoughts leading to innovative action
Displaying honesty and truthfulness in all actions
Working as a team with unity in diversity
Being dependable in handing responsibilities

Green University

BCI is an enchanted lush green state-of-the-art Campus, with talented and committed teachers, dedicated support staff and technology enabled classrooms and efficient administrative processes.

Enriched experience

The BCI aspires to instill in those in its care a sense of dignity, a sense of appreciation of the obligation to equip themselves with the attributes necessary to be effective in their chosen fields and in society.