As the year ends it is customary to hold Christmas Carol presentations leading up to the celebration of the nativity of Christ. Following the tradition BCI also held its choral presentation `Gaudete – BCI Christmas Carols 2022’ by BCI choir on 22nd of December at the auditorium with the participation of Dr. K. Sri Ranjan as the Chief Guest.


This gave the opportunity for the past and present students, BCI community, and beyond to re-tell the story of Christmas in songs. It was also a chance to reconnect, establish friendships and celebrate the most special time of the year with its promise of renewed hope.


The event was organized by Rev. Fr. Nimesh de Silva under the guidance of the Rector, Rev. Fr. Quintus Fernando, and with the assistance of other resident priests. It was a melodious evening where the voices of the youth attached to BCI harmonized to rejoice the birth of Jesus Christ.