Conveniently located 15 minutes’ drive from Colombo International Airport and spreading over 14 acres of land against a backdrop of spacious lawns and twin lakes creating a pleasing ambience of tranquility, BCI is ideal as a venue for Seminars, Conferences, Conventions and even in-house training programmes.

BCI - Chapel


Resembling the unique architecture of the Kandyan era, reflecting the roots, culture, tradition and heritage of our nation, the Chapel stands graciously in the centre of our campus premises. In 2015 during his visit to Sri Lanka, Holy Father, Pope Francis, visited the Chapel, thus enriching its uniqueness and significance

BCI - IT Labs

IT Labs

BCI is home to several IT labs equipped with innovative technology which enable us to provide our students with a modern computer enabled environment for their higher studies. Both our undergraduates and short term programme students have complete access to the facility and will be monitored and assisted by a dedicated panel of instructors.

BCI -  Auditorium


Equipped with modern state of the art amenities arranged to host events of magnitude with ease and graceful sophistication , the BCI auditorium provides an exceptional space for ceremonies, conferences and similar public gatherings. The facility is furnished with modern technical equipment ensuring a flawless experience to the audiences along with a complete backstage setup.
A technician will be at hand assisting the proceedings throughout any event.

BCI - Dining Hall

Dining Hall

The dining hall has been thoughtfully designed to accommodate large groups with ease and efficiency. The facility is accessible to students, staff and visitors alike and provides its patrons with a wide array of options to indulge in.

BCI - Sports Facilities

Sports Facilities

The outdoor and indoor sports facilities of BCI includes courts and grounds for various sports and sporting events . The facilities are open for both students and staff alike . BCI often organizes sporting events among its students as well as between its own teams and other institutions acknowledging the importance of instilling the spirit of sportsmanship and brotherhood.

BCI - Recreational Areas

Recreational Areas

Our recreational facilities have been designed to provide enough space to unwind after a long day, or share moments of joyous companionship. The sprawling greens of BCI with its twin pools provides the perfect backdrop for outdoor social activities and sublime moments of solitude.
The indoor common areas provide our students with study spaces and lounges that encourage intellectual dialogue as well as warm camaraderie.

BCI - Lecture Halls

Lecture Halls

Our spacious lecture halls are equipped with modern audio visual equipment and have the capacity to accommodate large groups. The facility is thoughtfully furnished to ensure comfort and efficiency for both audience and facilitator.

BCI - Cafeteria


The BCI cafetaria can seat large groups of diners at any given time with ease. With an array of dining options the cafeteria serves the university community throughout the week . Maintaining high hygienic standards the university cafeteria is frequented by both students and staff alike.

Campus Health

The university health centre is staffed by health professionals dedicated to the wellbeing of our students. In addition to tending to minor injuries and ailments, the centre also provides counselling services to our students. Those who require further medical attention are duly directed to the nearest hospital.