Aquinas Diploma in English Language and Literature

Aquinas Diploma in English Language and Literature

Entry Requirement

Simple pass for English at GCE Ordinary Level

Course Duration

A student’s course duration may vary depending on the proficiency level shown at the entry point placement test.


This prestigious English Language Programme conducted by Aquinas College of Higher Studies is much in demand in Sri Lanka. The Department of Examinations in Sri Lanka recognizes it as one of the qualifying requirements to sit for some of its higher and professional examinations. More than 7,000 students enroll annually to obtain the Diploma certificate yearly to progress in their studies or careers. This educational course is now conducted in Negombo, at BCI, which is helpful to learning as it is situated in the surroundings.


English Grammar and Composition:

Focuses on refining grammar skills and enhancing overall composition abilities. Covers sentence structure, punctuation, and effective communication techniques.

Creative Writing:

Provides a platform for students to express themselves through various creative writing genres, such as poetry, short stories, and creative nonfiction. Emphasis on developing individual voice and style.

English Literature and Literary Analysis

This course provides an overview of major literary movements, genres, and works throughout history. Students will explore classic and contemporary literature, and how analyze literature, exploring various approaches to literary criticism. Examines the interpretation of texts from different perspectives, including historical and cultural lenses.

 Speech and Communication

Prepares students for effective communication in professional settings which includes both theory and practical. Exercises like writing resumes, cover letters, business emails, and other workplace documents. It will also include practical skills like presentations, roleplays, speeches, debates, and interviews.

These courses are designed to provide a well-rounded education in English language, literature, and communication skills, preparing students for a variety of careers or further academic pursuits. Please check with the specific institution for the most accurate and detailed course descriptions.


Entrance Exam Dates

May – 18th | 21st | 28th

June – 1st | 4th | 8th | 11th | 18th | 22nd


Commencement Dates

25th & 26th June – Weekday Groups

28 June – Weekday Evening Groups

29th June Weekend – (Regular)

30th June Weekend (Special)

Course structure

The Diploma course consists of five stages

  1. Certificate II
  2. Certificate III
  3. Intermediate
  4. Final


  • Grammar
  • Composition
  • Comprehension
  • Speech
  • Literature (Final stage)

Promotion Examinations

On the result of the examination that will be held at the end of each stage, students will be promoted to the next higher level. Only students who have 80% attendance will be permitted to sit for the promotion examination. Those who successfully complete the final stage will be awarded the Aquinas Diploma in English.

Entrance Fees

Category Amount
Entrance Exam Rs 500/=
Registration Rs 2,000


Course Fees

Category Amount
Certificate level 2 Rs 20,000
Certificate level 3 Rs 20,000
Intermediate Level Rs 23,000
Final Level Rs 25,000

Course Schedule


Certificate Levels

Levels  I,II & III (Two days per week)

Tuesday & Thursday 08.30am – 3.45pm
Wednesday & Friday 08.30am – 3.45pm


Intermediate and Final Levels

Tuesday to Friday 08.30am – 3.45pm



Levels I,II, III and Intermediate Level

Saturday 08.30am – 5.30pm


Final Levels

Sunday 08.30am – 5.30pm

Sunday 08.30am – 12.00pm