TKT (Teacher Knowledge Test)

TKT (Teacher Knowledge Test)

About the Programme

The Teaching Knowledge Test (the TKT) is an assessment developed by Cambridge ESOL for teachers, trainee teachers or students who wish to take up teaching English as a career. It is a 6-month teacher training course designed to test candidates’ knowledge of concepts related to language and language use, and the background to and practice of language teaching and learning’s program comprises with three modules,

Course Content

Module 01

  • Describing Languages and language skills
  • Background to language learning
  • Background to language teaching

Module 02

  • Planning and preparing a lessons or sequence of lessons
  • Selection and use of resources

Module 03

  • Teachers’ and learners’ language in the class room

Class room management


Installment Fee
Registration Fee Rs 2,000/=
Module 01 Rs 15,000/=
Module 02 & 03 Rs 15,000/=
Exam Fee LKR 14,000 per module


Program duration 06 months
Classes schedule Thursday – 4.15 – 6.45pm
Mode of delivery Online