Bachelor of Business Management Honours

Bachelor of Business Management Honours

The Bachelor of Business Management programme aims at developing the business knowledge and related skills in undergraduates, essential for the modern-day corporate world.

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum 3 passes at GCE (A/L) in any stream in one sitting OR
Three passes at IGCSE A/L Examinations (Cambridge /Edexcel) in one sitting


BBM (General Degree) 3-Years
BBM (hons Degree) 4-Years


Full time

About the programme

This Management Degree has been designed to provide its students with the necessary theoretical foundation to business management and value additions such as global training opportunities, industry interaction, research exposure and personality development required of future business leaders. All undergraduates who pursue the honours programme will undergo a six months internship as part of their academic schedule.

The programme is best suited for those who expect to be employed in a managerial role in a business environment. This will also provide a strong academic foundation for postgraduate studies as the university provides a highly conducive environment for research engagements. Individuals with interest in entrepreneurial enterprises and community movements are also encouraged to apply.

All undergraduates who pursue the honours programme will undergo a six months internship as part of their academic schedule.

Programme Structure

  • Accumulation of 120 credits (Year 4): BBM (Hons)
  • Accumulation of 90 credits (Year 3): BBM (General Degree)
  • Accumulation of 60 credits (Year 2): Higher Diploma in Business Management
  • Accumulation of 30 credits (Year 1): Diploma in Business Management

Career Opportunities

  • Management Consultants
  • Business Analysts
  • Financial Analysts
  • Managers (HR, Marketing, Operational)
  • Business Development Executives
  • Academics
  • Business Coordinators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Bankers
  • Research Executives

Year-wise Curriculum Structure

Course Code Module Course Status Credits
Year I: Semester I (SLQF Level 3)
BBM 11013 Principles of Management Core 3
BBM 11023 Business Mathematics for Decisions Core 3
BBM 11033 Information Technology for Managers Core 3
BBM 11043 Financial Accounting Core 3
BBM 11053 Business Communication for Managers Core 3
Year I: Semester II
BBM 12013 Marketing Fundamentals Core 3
BBM 12023 Business Statistics Core 3
BBM 12033 Organizational Behaviour Core 3
BBM 12043 Cost and Management Accounting Core 3
BBM 12053 Micro Economics Core 3


Year II: Semester I (SLQF Level 4)
BBM 21013 Macro Economics Core 3
BBM 21023 Financial Management Core 3
BBM 21033 Marketing Management Core 3
BBM 21043 Operations Management Core 3
BBM 21053 Human Resource Management Core 3
Year II: Semester II


BBM 22012 Consumer Behaviour Core 2
BBM 22022 Leadership and Innovation Core 2
BBM 22033 Integrated Marketing Communication Core 3
BBM 22043 Business Law Core 3
BBM 22053 Managerial Economics Core 3
BBM 22062 Personal Branding and Career Development Core 2
Year III: Semester I (SLQF Level 5)
BBM 31013 Business Intelligence Core 3
BBM 31023 Project Management Core 3
BBM 31033 Services & Experience Marketing Core 3
BBM 31043 Management Information System Core 3
BBM 31053 Digitalization of Business and Commerce Core 3
Year III: Semester II
BBM 32013 Strategic Management
BBM 32023 Supply Chain and Logistic Management Core 3
BBM 32032 Knowledge Management Core 2
BBM 32042 Digital Business Strategy Core 2
BBM 32053 Auditing & Taxation Core 3
BBM 32062 Total Quality Management Core 2
Year IV: Semester I (SLQF Level 6)
BBM 41012 Global Marketing Elective 4
BBM 41022 Advanced Financial Reporting Elective
BBM 41032 Event Management Elective
BBM 41042 Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics Elective
BBM 41052 Computer Based Data Analysis Core 2
BBM 41063 Research Methodology Core 3
BBM 41073 Entrepreneurship Core 3
BBM 41083 Brand Management Core 3
Year IV: Semester II
BBM 42012 Sustainable Business Practices Elective 4
BBM 42022 Corporate Finance and Wealth Management Elective
BBM 42032 Business Analytics Elective
BBM 42042 Creativity and Innovation Elective
BBM 42052 Social Value of the Business Elective
BBM 42066 Dissertation Core 6
BBM 42075 Business Internship Core 5
Total for the Degree Programme 120