Bridge is a pre–university program recommended by the Ministry of Education and the University Grants Commission for students who have completed their Advanced Level in any stream and are aiming to follow a degree in Management or IT.

Program Content

Commerce Discipline Computing Discipline
General Business Knowledge Foundation Mathematics
Principles of Accounting Computational Thinking
Principles of Economics English and Communication Skills
English and Communication Skills
Computational Thinking (Optional)
Foundation Mathematics (Optional)

The program is designed to cover the following numbers of direct hours.

Direct Contact Hours

Foundation Mathematics 60
Computational Thinking – Theory 30
Computational Thinking – Practical 30
English and Communication Skills 30
General Business Knowledge 45
Principles of Accounting 45
Principles of Economics 45


The Bridge program will consist of guest lectures by experts in the corporate sector to give an exposure to the subject areas and make lectures more appealing and approachable.

Quiz competitions, panel discussions, field trips and mock interviews will be added to the program taking into consideration the concerns developed by the pandemic.