Empower Season II – BCI Talent Search


Empowering young talent at BCI  

BCI campus hosted `Empower’ – a talent show which demonstrated the unique talents of BCI students at the Campus premises. `Empower’ was the climax of a series of competitions held to nurture creativity and innovation in students following the short programmes in the School of Computing and School of English bringing out their talents into the limelight. Prior to the event, language, photography, videography, art and craft, compering, news reading, screen production, and singing competitions were held at various levels to enhance the students’ engagement in campus activities.   

Months of hard work of the students reached the pinnacle at the Awards Night held on Friday, 14th October. Veteran instrumentalist – Mr. Susantha Kariyakarawana and stars of Reality Music Shows – Mr. Chinthaka Malith and Ms. Upeka Nirmani graced the night as special invitees to witness the talents of the students that otherwise are not expressed within the lecture rooms. Empower was perfectly blended with performances of singing and dancing and entertained the audience throughout the evening adding a versatile experience for both performers and the audience.