Your Australian dream starts at BCI!


BCI launched the Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts degree creating a pathway to achieve your goals. The degree will provide students with a cohesive understanding in Western history, literature, philosophy, religion and science and open up various career opportunities.

BA in the Liberal Arts is the best pathway to build your skills, knowledge and requirements to pursue your higher education in Australia. Campion College offers the most cost-effective pathway programme with only 35,900 AUD for all three years. After completing the first year at the BCI, the undergraduates are able to complete the rest of the degree in Australia. Obtaining a BA degree in Liberal Arts will enable to secure employment in a number of fields including teaching, journalism, business, law, medicine, teacher education and politics.

Students can also enjoy the benefits of hostel facilities at Sydney Campion College, opportunity to work part time on the campus itself, free preliminary financial requirements assessment before enrolment and full assistance on the visa application process.

While studying at Campion, you can take up part-time or casual employment to boost your income and add to your overall experience while in Australia. International students also receive more non-quantitative returns such as exposure to different cultures and new experiences, exposure to an efficient societal system, life-changing connections, job opportunities, better quality of life, or better health care. At the end of your study programme, free immigration legal counselling for Permanent Residency will also be offered.

Student life at Campion involves a large variety of programs and activities. Starting with Orientation Week, there are trips to the city and the beach as well as opportunities to explore the beautiful surrounds of Sydney. Other activities include sports, debating and public speaking, camping trips, chess competitions and evenings around the fire in winter. There are opportunities to perform at various evening concerts, and Campion annual spring ball is one of the highlights of the social calendar.